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March 11, 2013

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Olha só esse pessoal folgado!

hey there grondels. I am excited to get your letters and i am super sorry that i have not been writing you guys recently. i miss you all a lot and i think of you guys often. i am reaching the one year and six month mark. i don't remember if i told you or not... but my return date is September 24, 2013. i was talking with an RM yesterday about the mission and i told him- "the last six months is just fun" i have an awesome companion. He is from spokane- Élder Welling. We are laughing all day long and teaching very well together. He is focused, he works hard, and he REALLY knows the doctrine. we had a very special baptism this week. A lady, Maria, who is 85! it took the three of us to baptize here and she was blaspheming even in the baptismal font! she has a problem with her spine so she walks very slowly and tenderly. hahaha
she was entering the font and saying: "Oh my god! only jesus could get me to do something like this! Hey you piece of trash (me) if you let me fall im gunna punch you in the face!" bahahaha. She is our brazilian grandma. Maria is really special. She jokes around and makes fun of us, but she is a sweetie. she calls us her grand kids :)
Our area isn't the only area having success. in the last 4 weeks we have had 12 baptisms! we have baptisms lined up for the 24th (and/or the 30th) and the 13th of april. i am really excited for conference. It is funny because before the mission you don'
It is funny because before the mission you don't wanna get up because you are tired or some other weak excuse... but on the mission you are LIVING for conference. it is a feeling i can't describe. we are all excited and then after we are always talking about it. we remember the talks and we use them to teach investigators. I love the church of jesus christ. we are working hard, but we are tired. this week we had transfers and my comp finished his mission (Élder Emerson- spokane). (monday) so we were up until late finishing packing and we had to get up a little early too. Tuesday- bus at 4:45am to do a baptismal interview in another area. thursday- bus at 5:15 for zone conference... we had a rough week, but maria was baptized and that made it all okay.
I love the book of mormon and i am glad that i can read him every day. we don't always have time to study, but at least we can read during lessons or before bed. He makes all the diference.
It is funny to see everyone so big and gerr gerr losing teeth! haha.
Happy birthday olivia! happy birthday dad! be looking for a letter here in a few weeks. I love you all a ton. i hope that as we approach easter and general conference you guys all watch prepared with one question! or one problem! we have the promise that the Lord will answer if we watch PREPARED (like more than the day before...). I have my question already! :)
I love you guys for realz,

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