Wednesday, April 3, 2013

March 18, 2012

Hey so this week was solid,

We are doing good work family. I promise! We had a really good week here and we found a bunch of new investigators. We also (with some guidance and inspiration from Jairo Mazzagardi of the setenta) were able to work with recent converts to get some references. We had a new family at church on Sunday and we marked some other visits for this week. We can't do this work alone. We have to work together! Pres. Mazzagardi talked a lot about this- he lifted his hands and said i can do this much... so what do i need to do if my area needs more than this? I NEED MORE HANDS! So with that counsel (sp?) we made a plan to work more with the ward. I cannot believe it, but the work is getting better every week. Literally. We have learned so much until now. At times i wish i could go back with the knowledge and instruction that i have, but... even if i could i wouldn't haha. We need to learn and grow to be better where we are, when we are there.
I feel like i am just now starting to understand what a mission is and how it should be done. Our zone is being super blessed! we have had baptisms in almost every area and the missionaries are working harder than ever. We marked 3 baptisms for the 30th of march:
-Stephanie, she started going, started reading, and she really feels the spirit when we teach.
-Santa... (yes you can laugh it's okay) is a lady who has been searching for a church her whole life and told us "i finally found the one i have been trying to find all these years
-Manuela is 10, super cute, and the daughter of a less active family. we are working to reactivate the whole family
It is going to be a really special experience because the 23rd is the caravan for the temple (in brazil there are only 6 temples so the members rent a bus to go to the temple every 3 months) and the following week we will have the baptisms. I love you guys, i love my comp, i love my area, i love everything! haha.

-I was really nervous in a lesson the other day... the thing is i don't show that i am nervous so no one has any idea that i am freaking out behind a poker face. I talked to my companion about my anxiety problems and how i get so worked up that i don't even want to do the things i love the most- football, wrestling, choir, etc... I am the best at practice, the hardest worker, but when the game comes around i freeze! i freak out and i am not the same on the field. He said: " √Člder, those butterflies we all get can be used to improve our perfomance and our abilities or they can ruin everything. Think about it, why do we practice if it's not for a competition. We have to have an opposition or it doesn't make sense so practice and work so hard." Then, Pres. Mazzagardi said something i will never forget: "You have power INSIDE of you! You have to claim that power." (talking later about the priesthood)..."You have power each one of you- Governors and presidents don't have it. judges and generals don't have it. And if you don't have that power no one does."
So, instead of asking the question: "What if i fail?" We need to ask the question: "What if i suceed?" Look at all the great things that you do, visualize yourself being great, and then go have fun. Be great! This week was WAY better and we were able to teach a lot smoother. Pres. Mazzagardi said that we MUST teach the wise, rich, and well off because they are already prepared to be leaders in the church... so we started making contacts with rich people haha. We see a big house or a nice car and "hi... :)" don't limit yourselves you guys. i am trying to be better, but i hope you guys can too.

i love you guys!
-√Člder Grondel jr.

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