Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 16, 2012

I love you guys,

I am so glas to hear that gerrit is continuing the Grondel Athleticism. I started to think this week about our family and how blessed we are. I took 3rd at state, brady was part of a state championship team, lexi was part of dance and now is a track star, jacob and caleb have always been a little ahead of their generation, olivia is a dancing fool, even levi! And then i started to think on the spiritual side. We are a família escolhida! A chosen family! Why us? What makes us special? In truth, nothing. It is what we DO with that nothing that makes us different. We aren't like other families. I am seeing here in the field that i am not like other missionaries. We have been blessed by our Heavenly Father to be leaders among our generation. We are empowered by the Holy Ghost and the priesthood from the time we are born. People here always ask how my parents manage 10 kids!? And i say first, they are amazing. But second, they were great missionaries that learned how to work, plan, and gained maturity. We have a ton of missionaries here, unfortunately that have good intentions but have neglected to learn the value of work. The mission is amazing and is teaching me so much.

I start to recognize blessings that i never noticed before. Also, I am noticing the little trials the Lord sends our way to build us up and to test us. I am starting to love the book of mormon. I really love to read it! weird right? Most missionaries carry it in the back pack, but 2 weeks ago i started carrying it in my hands... the case duh haha. But it makes a big difference. Only 3 more weeks? maybe 4? And i will be calling you guys again! can you believe it? Tempo pass elder... Tempo passa

my city is called: Palhoça (pal-yo-suh)

Amo vocês!

-elder Grondel

PS: Remember who you are. You all ARE different, so act different! Read the scriptures, stay away from things that separate you from the spirit, work hard, be on time, be a leader in your actions.

*I challenge you guys to take your scriptures to school and read during lunch or those little breaks you get. 1 page a day and i promise you will notice a difference! =D

Monday, April 9, 2012

April 9, 2012

Hey gang, Pascoá foi muito legal. We have brazilian mommies here so we got a bunch of chocolate. We went to the bishops house before one of our appointments and he gave us some more chocolate... imported from switzerland... yessir. This week was full of revelation. I am keeping a little notebook for the little things that I receive everyday and writing them down. It's so neat to look back and see how much i have been blessed. The part that is difficult for me is that I wanna be able to share this with my investigators and we haven't had a ton of success teaching. But this week everything changed. The training that we received during mission conference completely changed my outlook on the mission, the work, my life! President Fernandes teaches so well and so plainly but with so much power. the goal setting and reinforcement of faith has pushed me to believe! I really am ready to commit to this work. Not that i haven't been. I have just doubted at times or been more concerned with the thoughts of others. "They aren't going to like this..." "They can't understand my accent" "I don't have the vocabulary to teach this principle" ... Doubts and lack of faith. So this week i received much needed counsel from on high.  I have been blessed with a LOT more patience than i had and part of my goals is my attitude. I still have so much work to do... and from you have said it sounds like i haven't made the progress i have been seeking. I love you guys and really appreciate the help with this. Never give up: good--->better-->BEST (rinse and repeat)
Amo vocês!

-Elder Grondel

March 26, 2012

A lot to reply to and not too much time, but i wanted to tell you guys how much i love you. And how glad i am that i grew up in a home of 2 returned missionaries. Not just missionaries though, 2 missionaries that returned with honor and didnt let the mission end at two years. I was reading in D&C a while back, i dont remember where, but i believe sidney rigdon was being called to serve and the Lord said: "Vão dois em dois pregando minha palavra" two in two preaching my Word. The mission doesnt end at two years! After you get back you are still called to find a worthy companion that will serve with you to teach your children. Two in two... we were teaching an incomplete family ( dad is not a member) and from what i saw he has no interest. he has received lessons from missionaries, bishops, mission presidents, his wife, his kids... nada. How dificult it must be for his wife. To walk the straight and narrow virtually alone. How can you teach your kids the word of wisdom when dad smokes and drinks? How can you teach them proper principals alone? I am running really low on time today! ughhh. But I had a really neat experience this week with a lady we ran into on the street. She told us about some problems she wanted to resolve before going to Jesus for help. For the first time in my life i literally had my tongue loosened. The spirit spoke through me in a way i dont know how to explain. It was like i was watching myself teach. the church is true and the recording i made is about lady who has not gone to church for 7 years. but yesterday she came and momma, poppa that is better than any baptism.