Sunday, December 25, 2011

December 13 and December 19 2011

Olá from São Francisco do sul,
I am currently serving in my first area with my companion Elder Longo- Elder ´´Grande´´ and Elder Longo haha. He is a native from Salvador so we can only converse so much. I am having a tough time understanding people, but it´s getting better every day. I am trying to work hard and make sure I am focused. 2 of my shirts got ruined by one of the belts I had... And then when we tried to clean it the sleeves got stained by something and I wasn´t able to get it out... It is muito quente aqui! We walk a lot. I don´t know how many miles, but it is hot-humid-and i am always sweating. It´s weird but i think that I am used to it because of São Paulo, you just sweat and keep on moving cause it´s not going to get better haha.
We made our first baptismal commitment and we taught 4 lessons this week. We have had to do a lot of traveling for zone conference, moving in, and we go back to Joinville tomorrow and from there Florianópolis for Mission conference. I get car sick on the bus so i am not excited at all haha.
Our investigator w/ the baptismal date, Jurema, started crying during the lesson and for the first time I really saw the change that can occur in the lives of people. She is living with a man she is not married to so my companion is worried about a lei da castidade, but I have faith she will come through. I love the people already. The days are hard and soooo hot, but you just kind of push through it. Mornings are really hard for me, but after 12 or so I can´t get this smile off my face. I smile at everyone and it´s infectious because they all smile back... except one time when a gay guy blew me a kiss... awkward...!
They don´t sell quads here! you have to know someone who does bindings to get a quad custom made here... yeah a little different i have an O livro de mórmon and a biblia sagrada, but i really need some good scripture markers like 4-5 colors. not the pencils cause i can´t sharpen those and the will destroy the pages.
Wish list part 2: We have to buy food for dinner and breakfast, a family feeds us lunch everyday- can you send me a shopping list, mosquito itch cream, pictures of the kids wrestling/activities, some more sunblock, deodorant, easy recipes?
One more thing, I am going to send you an envelope w my journey so far- itinerary, tickets, etc, a letter i want you to send me at my one year mark, pre-addressed and stamped letters to send for me please... and the last one is not finished but i was hoping you could forward the blank-ish one to the MTC in Provo to my branch presidency. They were amazing.
I miss you guys e eu amo vocês!
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Ola! tudo bem? Eu estou em Florianópolis. I finished the book of mormon on the flight over and then had the MOST beautiful view of the island and the area surrounding... There are beaches, mountains, rolling hills, forest lands. This place is so beautiful you guys. I wish you could see it. They have a lot more money here than São Paulo. The city is much cleaner and the air is so clear and so fresh here. I don´t even know how to explain it. It was only a 45 minutes flight and then we met the AP and the President. He is awesome, a spunky-energetic guy. I just wanted to let you guys know that I am here with all my things and that I already love it.
We went proselyting yesterday and passed out 9 Books of Mormon! The church is true!

Eu amo vocês!
Please update my address for facebook, blog, and the ward:
Elder Bryson Thomas Grondel (Full name required)
Brazil Florianópolis Mission
R. Feliciano Nunes Pires, 42
88015-220 Florianópolis-SC

Friday, December 2, 2011

November 30, 2011

So i am not sure how much time i have to reply, but I am in Brazil and i am doing well. I forgot to bring my address down to the lab so i will shoot you a quick email later during this week. it takes about 10 days to receive a letter here so just send any letters to the address i give you okay?
I really missed you guys on Thanksgiving and we had turkey, potatoes, and of course rice for our dinner haha. We have rice and beans for every lunch and dinner meal. So there is a main course and then you can take as much rice and beans as you want. it´s kind of awesome because I am almost up to 220 now! the culture here is so new to me. I literally cannot comprehend everything that is going on around me. There is graffiti on every building, a lot of the city is run down, and there is trash everywhere. It´s not too bad though. It is SOOOO HOT! Muito quente! I am sweating up a storm, but we have air conditioning here at the CTM so we are lucky. Our Brazilian roomates told us that they don´t have air conditioning at home and when we leave we probably won´t have it on our missions. American electronics and other items are SO expensive here it is unbelievable.
I am so glad to hear that Easton is doing well! Wish him luck for me he´s a study... and a sexy beast.
Brady, brady, brady- I have been really hoping that he will take his preparation more seriously than I did. Preach my gospel is amazing and teaches so much that we don´t cover in church or seminary or EFY. But the MTC is an amazing place.
Lexi- I love her and I met up with my old district here in São Paulo so I have been flowing with Elder Bell again. It reminds me of the times we would makes raps together. I miss those good times, but we´ll get a chance when i get back... Quando eu volto da missão.
Jake- I really hope that letter helped! You better stay on that reading and make sure you take your start doing those workouts so that when i get back you´re bigger than me okay? You are a stud, you just don´t know it yet. Step on the mat as if you have already won everytime.
Caleb- Just keep on chugging superstar! you are such a boss you know that? Piano, sports, sax...aphone! And you are so freaking funny, Lady killa! haha. Don´t let anything stop you, if you get nervous, punch that nervousness right in it´s face. Use prayer swiss cheese and believe. Você pode fazer qualquer coisa! Você um ótimo jovem.
Levi- I am so glad to here he is working hard and having fun. He told me about that on the phone when i called =] it was so great to hear all of your voices again
Olivia- I want pictures of her recital when she gets those!
Monsser- He made me laugh so hard when i talked to him on the phone.
Bella- About time!

I think next week they take us to a park and we have to place 3 Livro de Mórmons com nossos companheiros e ensinar o Evangelho de Jesus Cristo! It is going to be so exciting to really start doing the work. I am definitely nervous to do it though. We have been practicing A LOT here because... Personally, I like Provo a lot better. I miss Elder Wise like crazy, my old professors, and the spirit that is there. It is so chill and laid back here that I find myself making myself stay motivated and on task. i have had the opportunity to lead by example and really have my dedication tested during my time here. I know that this is a test because when I am serving things will change: surroundings, companions, attitudes... but I WILL not let it affect my ability to serve and to learn.

Eu amo MUITO vocês!
-Elder Grondel