Wednesday, April 3, 2013

March 26, 2013

Momma and poppa bear,

First off... we didn't go to the temple because it is outside of mission boundaries, but the ward went and one of the families we are teaching went as well! They were at church again and they are progressing quickly! It is amazing here. It is starting to get cold now and i caught a pretty intense cold. I am talking funny and everyone is telling me to drink water, tea, and vitamin C... thanks yall! haha. This week was excellent and I studied the difference between grace and mercy for the first time. Did you ever realize how great the bible dictionary and topical guide are? We had an interesting encounter with a "christian" the other day. He tried to defame joseph smith and the book of mormon AND mormon doctrine saying that only the bible has the truth and god given revelation. We didn't bible bash! you guys would have been proud of us. We were able to quote scriptures and bear testimony of simple gospel truths. I love the power we can feel when we testify of the restoration.
I am glad that my letter finally arrived. I sent that a long time ago... and speaking of a long time, i still haven't received any packages since the christmas package. I will keep an eye out for my box, but thanks for everything you guys. I love the photos. It's like im really there, but always show up late for the birthday parties haha. This week i finished helaman! i am starting 3 nephi and i am really impressed with how prophecies were fulfilled exactly. Many people were converted, but even with proof (one day-one night-one day as one day) there were people who still didn't believe! President said something really cool and president mazzagardi repeated it: Testimony doesn't save ANYONE! Conversion is what will save us. Testimony = To know. Conversion = To be. We can't just know what is right. We have to be what is right and do what is right.

Eu amo vocês para carumba!

-Élder Grondel

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