Monday, March 4, 2013

March 4, 2013


I am sorry that my english is kinda crappy and that there are a lot of pauses, but this week was really special. We baptized probably my favorite investigator, Stella and it was amazing. Her fiance baptized her and i confirmed her at church on sunday. My comp is going home today and actually, he already left for floripa. he has his interview today and then dinner with president. tomorrow he flies home. it was a really, really neat week for all of us. i don't think i have ever felt the spirit so strongly in my life you guys. at church on sunday... i don't know houw to explain it to you guys. during my testimony i felt it so strongly. i don't know everything and i have questions sometimes, but i know what i feel. and what i feel is that these things are true. moroni 7- moroni taught us that we won't pull bitter water from a good font, and we won't pull good water from a bitte font. if we feel good it's because it IS good. "and all good things come from God."
I love you all so much and i really hope that hannah listens to the spirit. we cannot rationalize eternal truths. a finite mind is unable to prove/ comprehend eternity. but we can believe. if we trust, the Lord with answer. we have to take one step into the darknes and trust that the Lord will illuminate one more.
i have a new companion from spokane! yes ANOTHER american hahaha. so much for serving in brazil right? he is dope. we have already served together in the same zone and were already friends before so this transfer will be great. he is a hard worker, so i am feeling really good about this month.

Amo vocês,

-Élder Grondel jr.

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