Monday, April 15, 2013

April 8, 2013

Familia grondel de souza santos machado de oliveira (Real brazilian last name... at least the length...),

We had a solid week and we did divisions with the assistents. We had a ton of fun and we learned a lot with them. one, elder banner, was my companion in videira and the other elder ludgero is a clown who made me laugh the whole day. The complimented our work ethic and drive and i was happy to be able to credit that to you guys. I love being able to say "My parents are returned missionaries" instead of my dad is a returned missionary. I really, really, really enjoyed the conference this year. It didn't seem to be 2 hour sessions. I was so absorbed in the messages and i was clinging to every word. Trying to think of how to apply this to my investigators and my own life. I noticed a few themes: Obedience (with an emphasis on chastity), Member missionary work, and relationships in the home- husband and wife, parent and child. 
I was really happy with the counsel that was given to the youth to "not hyperventilate when a doubt comes up." Also, the counsel in respect to our future marriages. I learned a lot and i really hope that i am as lucky as the seventy from guatemala when i get back and shake everybodies hands haha. 
I also really liked how they spoke to the full time missionaries and acknowledged our work as more than admirable. I loved conference. every minute! 
We had a family of investigators that went and we marked the wedding for may 10th and the baptism for may 11th! we also had another young couple (that we were not expecting) that showed up to watch conference. He ended up giving us a ride home and the two REALLY liked the conference. they wanted us to mark a day this week and they said they will be at church this sunday.
We have two baptisms this weekend and the transfer... so if i leave, i will be leaving on a high note! I love itajaí i don't know how to tell you how amazing it has been to be here with this ward. i learned a lot about leadership and courage here. I have learned a lot about consistency, keeping promises, and being prepared... so many lessons. so many lessons!
Let life be the professor. I really liked quentin l cook's talk about real peace and president uchtdorf's talk about walking in the light. President monson made me laugh so hard when he taught about obedience... 
Guys. The church is true, the angel flew, the book IS blue. I love the scriptures. They are a font of support, love, and direction. i learn from them almost daily and i love the book of mormon. The book of mormon is truly the word of God. Joseph Smith restored the Church of Jesus Christ to the earth and was given the Priesthood power of God. We have this power! The church is true.

Amo muito vocês!
-Élder Grondel jr.

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