Monday, April 15, 2013

April 1, 2013

Hey family i love you guys.
So we had a pretty good week. We baptized Stephanie and i don't think i have ever seen a recent convert integrated better than her in my life. The relief society, young womens, and all the members have made her feel so welcome. We had two baptisms marked for saturday, but the little girl(emanuela) couldn't make it this weekend. her cousin (leonardo) wants to get baptized too and has been going to church with his grandma every week so we are going to mark their baptism on the 13th of April :) 
Gente, this is my favorite area. I love itajaí! I can even imagine living here after the mission when my kids are a little bit older... but that is another story entirely. I finished my essays and i left the notebook in my apartment. wow i just realized that i don't have it. I want you guys to look over the essays and critique them. what can be changed or improved. They all can be up to 250 words so i don't need to shorten them. 
I cannot believe that it is already april. i will talk to you guys next month and after five more months i will be at home talking face to face with you guys! can you believe it? this mission has/ is changing my life in so many ways. Today we had to clean the house (1st pday of every month is 2-3 hour cleaning) and it is amazing how you feel after a job well done. I have also become a clean sink freak! i cannot stand a single dish in the sink. Mom, i think i understand why you and dad got frustrated with us for not cleaning up after ourselves. 
"If you just take 5 minutes to rinse off your plate and clean up after yourself we wouldn't have this mess"- Darrin and Rebecca Grondel. Wise words mommy and poppy dearest. HAHA. you learn because you want to or because you have to. but in the end you will always end up learning. right? 
I am in third nefi and i am blown away with how the Lord answers our questions through personal study and through others. A less active member we are going to visit this week has had a rough life, her and her mom. she talked about a ton of things that have happened and are happening to make her life hard. She asked "what did my mom do to deserve this? She is doing everything right and still the Lord hasn't answered." In third nephi in the 2nd or 3rd chapter the gadianton robbers get so powerful that the lamanites and nephites have to work together to defend against them... oh in other words: The crises brings us together. 5 years ago no one knew where haiti was unless they were going on vacation. And japan? they made video games and anime. but... after a tsunami and an earthquake suddenly the whole world was running to the rescue. At times we need tragedy to learn and to open our eyes. To come together and seek the Lord in humility. Like i said, we can learn if we want to or because we have to (Alma 32...).
You guys are the best and i love you so much. i pray for you and your success in everything. Be your best and leave unto the Lord the rest.

-Élder Grondel jr.

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