Monday, March 19, 2012

March 19th 2012


I am so relieved to hear that the surgery and everything went well for you momma. I was really worried, but prayer and fasting truly are opportunities given to us to help us grow. I had the best feeling of peace and comfort this week. I knew that everything was going to be okay. I am glad to hear that the family is doing well and staying active! Dad, parabêns! That is awesome! I'm sure that they enjoyed the class, there is something about real life experiences that help people connect with what is being taught. Mom's testimony of the atonement hit me so much harder because she KNOWS that Christ was walking with her. I too want to bear my testimony of the atonement. Last week we had a mission conference scheduled and i was really excited to see Elder Noel, Elder bell, and some other missionaries... and to speak english haha. We have a rule (me and elder martin) to only speak português. So i was looking forward to the break, but the conference was cancelled and i was a little disheartened. Because, when i get to someones house and we talk a little, i can converse and understand, but if we get to a topic like sports... i dont have the vocabulary to talk or even understand. So in the beginning they say: "what part of brazil are you from? Americano?! Serió? Não acredito" by the end... they know ha. So i was a little frustrated with myself and i was praying really hard for help. I knew if i stayed positive the Lord would help, but it is SO hard when you feel like a child- people don't understand you, you don't understand people... Then, the day of the cancelled conference we were teaching a lesson, and i literally was not teaching. Words just came into my mind and left my mouth in perfect (not perfecttt) português. I know that the Savior felt that anxiety i was feeling, the pressure to be great, the sadness, frustration, tears... and He knew i was tired. but he picked me up and he talked for me, he talked through me.

I really am starting to notice blessings in my life and i am learning how to notice them more. Yesterday was a rough day, but we had almoço with this goofy guy in the ward. He made me laugh so much, he was patient with my language skills, and he made me feel good. That almoço totally turned my day around! The Lord gives us oportunities and blesses us in little ways, but they can make a big difference.

I know my family loves me and i KNOW my Heavenly Father loves me.

March 12th 2012

Momma I love you and that is the best news i have heard in a long time. I am writing form my second area and celebrating my 5 month anniversary as a missionary. I am with my 3rd companion- Elder Martin and things are going well. I make pancakes every day now and he doesn't know how to cook, at all, so i do a lot more of that. He is a great example to me in humility and i think i know why the Lord has us working together... he is an optomist! haha. This area is B-E-A-UTIFUL! I forget that im not on vacation here sometimes. We have the beach real close and we have mountains too! It's like Utah and the cruise at the same time lol. WE have an amazing ward here and a handful of people we are teaching. Oh! Plus, we have a chapel! I never realized how much i love the chapel/ capela! NOSSA! Elder Martin and I are only speaking in Português and it is already helping my abilities in the language. My accent is pretty good i guess... because people ask me what part of brazil i am from, dont believe im from the US, or think that i am mexican =[ (sorry landon). I love this city though.
5 more reasons to wait for Elder Grondel...
-Elder Grondel cleans... like a BOSS
-Elder Grondel make THE BEST pancakes
-Elder Grondel walks his butt ON everyday
-Sol de Brazil = Darkness
-Elder Grondel does laundry. His own laundry. By hand.
Any questions?
Amo vocês!
-Elder Grondel

March 5th 2012

Oí tudo bem!?

Okay, so this was a good week. We had a zone conference that went really well and i finally got that package you sent. I was shocked to see the cost of shipping =/ But the protein has been so great for energy in the morning and feeling like im replacing those calories. the pasta was excellent and we made chicken alfredo with it the other day. It was excellent =] We do have pasta here in all the super mercados so don't feel like you have to send that in the mail for you man (cause im 20...) to get those much needed carbs.

Thank you so much for the prayers i really needed them this week. Elder Noel and i had a tough discussion and i thought our friendship had been wrecked, but we talked it out and i really learned a lot about communication this week. If he hadn't come to me to talk about it i would be living this area really bummed.
I am amazed that i am 20 cause it doesn't feel any different, but im sure with time it will sink in. thanks for the note about how i used to be quiet. very funny mommy :P

Thank you for what you said about faith, that is so true. Faith is sticking with it and enduring to the end to receive the blessing =]

Anyways, i love you guys so much. These 20 years have been amazing and i cannot wait to see where we go from here =]

Amo vocês,

-Elder Grondel