Sunday, July 8, 2012

June 11th 2012

Oh grondels

Hey. What's goin on? I am sitting in the LAN house after a semi crazy week feeling anything but competent. This week i got really sick with a cold. You know sneezing, coughing, blowing your nose until you get that really attractive dry skin around the rim of your nostrils. I think it's sinus infection. remember that whole butterfly thing i used to do when i would blow my nose? hahaha. Yeah. my face hurts. I am going to ask for a blessing today, because it is affecting my ability to teach. the other day i sneezed during a lesson. cool right? WRONG! i sneezed a FAT mess onto my sleeve. i looked at my comp and asked- "pode continuar para mim? faz favor?" then i looked at the family and said: "Com licença" hahaha. i went to the bathroom, cleaned up and came back. it was rough, but a really good family night. We did a trust fall example with faith: Close your eyes, fall, and stay rigid so the other person can catch you. OR... Trust in the Lord and his love. We taught 2 principles- 1: We have to trust no matter how low we feel (how low we get to the ground) & 2: We have to know the person behind us (we have to know the master if we are going to trust in him)

Then i asked: "How can we trust someone that we don't know?" i think this is a good question for all of us. HOW? And then we left the invite/ commitment- what are you going to do to know jesus christ better? What would you be willing to do to know the master?

I was a solid week :) rough, but solid. I had a really neat experience with finding by the spirit this week. We walked by a house that we have already contacted, but a woman was walking into the house and something felt familiar... she paused momentarily and entered the house. We passed and went to the house we had planned to visit. But the lady wasn't home. So, we turned back around and again, something pulled me to that house. So i said: "Elder, A gente tem que bater aqui." Before i could explain who we were the lady asked: "Quer entrar?"- "would you like to come in?" ... YES! She loved the lesson and said that when she saw us pass by, something touched her heart and she knew we would come back, so she waited patiently for us. She accepted the baptismal invite and we will visit her tomorrow!

The church is true you guys. SO FREAKING TRUE! I love this gospel and I love my savior. Heavenly Father loves me.

Amo vocês,

-THE Elder Grondel

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  1. What a WONDERFUL letter. Thank you for sharing with everyone! What an AWESOME missionary!

    Susan Richards