Monday, July 23, 2012

July 9 2012

I cannot believe i forgot about the 4th of July!

So here is how the story goes... We had two lessons planned, but we couldn't get ahold of the bishop so the second lesson fell through. But it gave a little time for us to prep our members for the lesson we were going to teach. YOU HAVE TO TRAIN YOUR MEMBERS BEFORE YOU TEACH! A quick visit with the message you want to teach, important points in the lesson, maybe practice how they will teach or bear testimony. So we went by the members house first, but we forgot to ask our member to avoid talking about past sins... We taught the 5 steps to return to our Heavenly Father- 1- faith, 2-repentance, 3-baptism, 4-receive the holy ghost, and 5-endure to the end... The lesson was going very well. Our investigator talked about how much he enjoyed church (especially sacrament meeting) and we explained the sacrament. How you can be clean every week. And we can have the spirit to be with us. Then i asked our member how the spirit blesses/blessed his life... He talked about how the spirit doesn't dwell in unholy temples... like his when he was sinning...! NÃO PODE! Oh buddy, so somehow we saved the spirit and marked his baptism for the 21st! :)
I got a call from the district leader and my 1st companion from the MTC Elder Atoa! (We are in the same district now). And they said (in english): HAPPY AMERICA DAY!!! They then went on the sing the national anthem... i love the gospel. It was amazing how much that simple (kind of pitchy) national anthem meant to me. I was thinking about how blessed i am to have been born in the US AND the gospel of Jesus Christ. QUE BENÇÃO! QUE MARAVILHA!
the Church is true :)
It was great to see all of you, brady is jacked, lexi does need some more clothes, and gerr and levi are getting so stinking big! Momma, we aren't gunna have lil boys when i get back. no more gerrit pizza or pasghetti hair =/
I look forward to the eternities and i am so greatful for the plan the our Heavenly Father has for us.
Can you send me pictures of your wedding? Not the wedding, because it was in the temple, but of you 2 on the grounds. Lookin fresh to death :D I want to show this picture to my investigators when we talk about eternal marriage!
Thanks a ton... im a still waiting for the packages, but i still love you.
The church is true

-Elder Grondel (2 Nephi 26:24 - Who the Lord loves, he chastens)

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