Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23 2012


Oi pessoal! Tenho boas novas de grande alegria! :D This week was solid, difficult, but solid. Our good friend Anderson was baptized and we had a member in almost all of our lessons, they became friends, and the member-Jonas- performed the baptism. Jonas is still on the fence with serving a mission, 22 years old and waiting for something... but we challenged him to fill out his papers go through the tests and wait for his call. He agreed and he was SO excited at the baptism! We are doing great work here, but it is just like dad said- you get one baptism and you just want more hahaha. never satisfied. We have 2 investigators that want to be baptized- one needs to get married and the other doesn't come back until the 27th... so we are working on a wedding and some other families in the meantime.

This week we got 10 new investigators... right? this is AWESOME! 10!... but a lot of them didn't understand our message, didn't want it, or didn't accept it. Even though they felt the spirit!! They all have their agency, but it makes me sad knowing that they viewed our message as an obligation and not a blessing. HOW HARD IS IT TO SAY A PRAYER AND ASK GOD IF OUR MESSAGE IS TRUE??? (Deep breath). The church is true, the priesthood authority was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith, the book of mormon is proof that God loves us. NEWS FLASH: if you ONLY believe in the bible you believe that God ONLY taught the people in the middle east. And that the teachings of Christ were ONLY important for them. Which means that ONLY those children of God were worth saving... if ONLY you could understand how much God loves us 2 Nephi 28-29 :)

I had a really neat experience with prayer this week i wanted to share with you guys:

-I was doing laundry and sometimes (a lot of times) the spin cycle in our washer (we dont have dryers) doesn't work. it is REALLY cold here so it takes a day or 2 to dry our clothes. But i was out of bottoms nah mean? Totally out and i had tried 3 cycles the night before and that morning and the washer was not working with the spin. my clothes were soaked and i would have to spend 20-30 minutes wringing them out and even then... 2-3 days to dry. I stopped in the middle of everything and knelt down to say a prayer. something like this: "Heavenly Father, i really need help. I know this is silly, but i don't have any more underwear and i really need this washing machine to work. You created all of this and i know you can make it work. Please help me father." I put the cycle on and guys... the spin cycle worked. what the heck hahaha. I got on my knees and said of prayer of thanks. The Lord really loves us and he is worried about us. no matter how big or small the challenge, he is mindful of us and he is ready to help. The church is true, god lives and jesus is the christ!

amo vocês,

-Élder Grondel

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