Monday, July 23, 2012

July 16 2012

Hey before i forget:
-hard copy of photos, i can't print them very well here.

-still no packages... :( starting to wonder if you actually sent them haha... no really.

-i love you more than pepper loves salt, and more than brazillians love techno remixes

I love you all,

Thanks so much for the photos you guys. you don't know how much it means to me to know that my family is happy and doing well. I hope you guys take advantage of the time at home. i will admit, i really missed you guys this week. it was a slower week and we spent almost 3 full days (1pm-7pm) making contacts and then just 1-2 hrs of teaching. which is hard. the speaker on sunday talked about the importance of family night. what a blessing we have. family night? what is that? you actually like hanging out with your family? UM duh? if you don't like it now, forever is going to be a SUPER long time. haha.

I love you guys a lot. im glad the summer is hot, hurray... i am freezing here! It is soooo cold. i use a coat everyday. and i am sleeping in sweats and socks... something i have never done before. i am becoming more and more greatful for being an american. Yes, i love the USA! haha. i love hamburgers, cheese, apple pie, and internal heating systems haha. oh and milk, real live milk in a carton. and peanut butter too. and jelly. not that i am counting. football and hockey.

So this week was trying but we have a baptism saturday! he came to church in a suit and tie! :) So proud of him... I really want to help and i guess i get frustrated when i can't or i feel like im not helping you know? Thanks so much for the advice. He is trusting us and helping us teach :D

HAve a great week, study-prayer-church never EVER falter in these key blocks of the testimony!

Forte Abra├žo!

-Elder Grondel

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