Sunday, July 8, 2012

July 2nd 2012

So my camera isn't uploading today, but i will send you guys the pictures from the baptism next week. We baptized a couple and her son and grandson came to the baptism. We will start teaching them very soon! My recording talks a lot about this week we had and the success in our area. I love what we are doing and i realized a cool lesson today while cleaning dust from my wardrobe and mold from our walls... (yes i am serving in brazil) Happiness comes in all kinds of forms. YOu don't have to smile to be happy, you don't have to cry to be feeling the spirit, and you don't have to be perfect to be inspired. I love this work, it is exhausting, frustrating, disheartening, Arduous, looooooong, but above all, it is rewarding. My companion and i are really working hard, and really trying to do our best. This transfer has been the best of my mission and good news, we are staying for one more transfer! So we will be here 6 more weeks. And then i will probably leave because i already have 3 1/2.

I am so glad landon and addi moved close to you guys. and it is so good to hear that you guys are doing family night! In Elders quorum the 1st counselor talked about the importance of the family. He said that your wife is not YOURS and the children are not your possesions. Heavenly Father entrusted you with His children. He went on the bear testimony of family night and loving your wife. My whole world is changing out here ya know? FAmily night, the temple, scripture study, home teaching, callings, and much more. All the little things are SO IMPORTANT! and i am really grateful that i can see that and that i am learning.
I love you guys so much!
Landon- Daily scripture study with Addi with change your life and strengthen your marriage like nothing else.
Brady- Keep studying the book of mormon. Jesus the christ, marvelous work and a wonder, miracle of repentance... all these books can wait! President Fernandes taught us to study: Preach my Gospel and Book of Mormon! Breathe preach my gospel and use the book of mormon to teach! Find your testimony and build him up.
Lexi- Celeste replied. what up! haha. Don't forget what you felt and learned. We read a scripture during our mission conference that says "we must shine like meteors!" Not a candle, lamp, light bulb... METEOR! something that the whole world can see.
Jake- You are a stud cuzzin. Remember that as hard as it gets, you always have more in your tank. Push yourself! Don't be afraid to push until you break baby.
Cakers- Read your scriptures bubba. 5 verses everyday this week and write me an email on sunday of what you learned and what you read. Get ready for football season!
Olivia- I love you so much! did you know that? You are the best sister ever (sorry lex)
Levi- I saw a poster for planet of the apes and remembered when we went and saw that awesome movie dood! I hope we can watch so more movies when i get back :)
Bella- Hi... Do you talk yet? or do you just drive mom and dad crazy? :D
I love all of you so much,
-Elder Grondel

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