Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June18th 2012

Jacob you are such a super star and i love you! Lexi, you are not allowed to date until you are married. Why don't you understand that?

Hey so you will be able to tell in my recording that this week was my mental break down week. I feel sometimes like i am just the worst missionary. And then i think, "no, you just put more pressure on yourself than any other missionary" and i am so tired of it.

I feel like missionaries are supposed to be happy, right? well then how come i don't feel happy outside of lessons? this sunday we had 5 investigators in sacrament meeting and we a prepping one family for baptism. But that wasn't enough. i was thinking about the families that didn't come, how we could have taught or followed up better. critique is good up to a certain point, but i am killing myself with my expectations. If your really study preach my gospel, there are SO MANY things you can do to be a great missionary. So when i forget to make a call, bring a document, update a teaching record... i get on myself.

I think that i got sick because of stress and the cold. Also, i have been getting acne because of my stress... what in the world? haha.

I want to be happy, i really do! So i believe that your emails were inspired mom and dad. I will try to keep my head up during this week and i will be waiting for that package. Get it out as soon as you can. I still haven't received that package that you sent for my b-day... it usually takes 1-3 months to arrive so get it out soon or i will get gloves and a winter jacket for summer haha.

We found some real neat families this week and i was reminded again the importance of our testimonies. Knowledge is great! But if you don't have a strong testimony of the atonement, why do you need to study calling and election? where is kolob? What happened to Cain? if you don't know the timeline of the book of mormon you have no business trying to study anything else! Our testimony of Christ on the earth will be His testimony of us in the eternities. How can we trust in someone that we don't know?

Elder Bednar gave a fireside here in the Florianopolis area and told everyone, EVERYONE to read Mosiah 20-Alma 50. He said this section of scripture would teach about the life of alma. While reading, he said, become what you read and what you learn... WOW! right? an apostle of Jesus Christ gave us a reading assignment. Lets start tonight! I would for sure read, wouldn't you?

But the people didn't like that too much and left dissapointed. The assignment was "too easy" and "too basic." in the words of one member: "He's an apostle, he's supposed to teach something cool something different or new."

The Gospel isn't something complicated! Faith repentance baptism holy ghost endure to the end... The Lord won't ask us to do something crazy! We will not be instructed to embark on an indiana jones adventure haha. All the Lord asks is a little bit of our time. Sacrifice- Visits (home teaching), prepare your lessons, study the scriptures, go to church, pay your tithing, fast, go to the temple (PLEASE!), renew your covenants and understand them.

I love you guys so much and i will be better this week. More obedient, more smiley, more willing, and more committed!

Amo vocĂȘs,

-Elder Grondel

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