Monday, January 30, 2012

Bryson's email 1/30/2012

So this is a response for you and dad because i have already used up a lot of time here at the Lan house we use to check our email... i was writing to President Fernandes and he is so awesome. He replies to our emails sporadically (sp?) but he always knows what to say and i find so much comfort and strength in his words. He's a rockstar. I got my new AMERICAN companion and he is awesome. He wrestled in HS, wants to work hard, he is very insightful, helps me out so much, and check this out- he is from seattle! he went to Liberty High school! He was in the same stake as Chloe. We get along great (it helps that we both speak the same languages...) and we really are teaching people. His perspective on the mission and the little things he has picked up during his time working with the president and the assistants has really reformed my view of the mission. "We are not here to baptize, we are here to build testimonies so people will want to be baptized." We can teach and tell people this church is true, use scriptures to prove it, make a million examples, leave compromisos e muitas coisas! Mas, they have to read, they have to pray, and they will receive an answer. Our job is not to teach, it is to love. unconditionally and without an agenda. This is how Christ taught, he taught because he loved. People love the bible because they can feel the love of God and his beloved son Jesus Christ. And our message is that there is more! you can have the spirit, peace, comfort more abundantly... who would say no to that message!?
I have adopted his philosophy and we are working on a new teaching style that gave us an opportunity to teach the best lesson i have had on my mission. I love the plan of salvation =].
Sounds like the storm was crazy! I bet you guys had a ton of fun on the hill and spending time with just the grondels. it's nice to slow down and remember what matters most. Elder Noel (comp) told me Lexi wright got her call to chile this morning haha. WOW! Não sabia cara! Good for her. She is going to be a great missionary. And tanner is going to have a blast. Thank Greg and Jen again for me! I had to discard a garment shirt so that package could not be coming any sooner! It's hard to think about snow with how hot it is here... wow.
Lexi- two things: You need to go to school. You have know idea what a priviledge it is to receive an education of that caliber. People say Tumwater is a simple hick town high school, but compared to the average level of education here it is excellent. A lot of kids have to go to work and don't get to finish school. Education and knowledge are so important. Knowledge is one of the attributes of God himself. Be thou perfect, even as thy father in heaven is perfect... You can follow this and have the spirit more just by paying attention and working hard at school. 2-Who can find a avirtuous bwoman? for her price is far above rubies. (proverbs 31:10) You are beautiful and so amazing. Don't let the world tell you how to live, love, or be yourself. REmember you are the daughter of a king. You might have to wait a little longer for your prince, but it will be worth more than anything lexi.
Jake- Remember to compete... LIKE A BOSS!
Amo Vocês!
-Elder Grondel

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  1. Elder Grondel, Thank you for your wonderful letters. Especially the heartfelt words to your sister. I know that our son Elder Richards worries about his sisters - especially Amy - he even got special permission from his president to call her. The best thing we can do for our wayward loved ones are to simply LOVE them for who they are and let them see in our lives the JOY the gospel brings to us. Keep up the great work! Our ward now has 8 missionaries out with another one getting her papers ready to send in. We are all sooooo proud of you and that you have chosen to serve our Heavenly Father. Sincerely, Sis. Richards :-)