Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jan 9th 2012


So i've taken up smoking... 2nd hand smoking. Not really conventional, but i can't complain. So many people smoke and because I am living in a city for the first time in my life, i am still adjusting to sharing the air. anyways... this week was a lot better for a lot of reasons, but it was also another week of learning to live the life of a missionary. I set a goal to be totally ready by 8 for personal study-shoes, shirt, tie, pants, etc... but i am always a minute or two late... frustrating. I really, really wanna be obedient, but we aren't leaving by 11 and i don't know if this is the fresh out of the MTC greeny talking, but I NEED THE BLESSINGS that come from obedience and anywhere else. that is the less than good news. The good/great news? I am understanding more and my courage in the language is really growing. I am a lot more confident when we talk to people now. Even if i don't perfectly know how to say something i just try and people correct me or my companion helps me out. The story that Jason Bippert told really motivated me to talk this week. I wanna learn the language faster and the only way to do that is to abrir sua boca! I learn something new everyday. words, lessons, new insights in the book of mormon/ bible study, and how to look for blessings.

Mom and Dad... my companion is kinda of driving me crazy. hahaha. but seriously. All these little things are adding up and it isn't him that is frustrating me... it's me. Why do i let these things get to me? I pray for patience and charity everyday to look past all the little things, but i fall short day after day. Any ideas?

The family sounds like everyone is staying busy and working hard. That's good to hear =] All the little ones are doing something and making sure the house is crazy as always. And Caleb is 12!? When did that happen? I hope he understands how amazing the priesthood is, and that he will be carrying the same priesthood as John the Baptist, the 12 apostles, and Christ himself. To pass the sacrament is a priviledge and I really hope that he understands that. Read D&C 84 with him and i think... 107? and then the section in 3 Nephi where christ institutes the sacrament. Powerful words that can only be expressed by the Savior.

We dropped 2 investigators this week, but we picked up 2 families to teach! I am so excited about this. I really feel good and my companion is SO stoked. We were pretty bummed because we contacted a family earlier this week and when we followed up the parents were gone so we talked w/ the neighbor and told her we would be back the next day... We came back and the kids told us the parents went to Joinville to visit family... 15 minutes later we circled the block and the parents were sitting outside with the kids... yeah. We smiled and walked on.

Funny story...

One morning we were walking to lunch and I really wanted to make the first contact of the day. I found the courage and walked up to a lady with her daughter. I delivered the message, she was receptive, and we set a time to visit her family. We crossed the street and i went to adjust my belt... when i realized my fly was down... we were almost 20 minutes (walking) from our apartment. It had been down the WHOLE time =[ haha.

The desire to be better never goes away. I want to be exactly obedient so i am going to be better about managing time this week.

Wish list for mommy:

-After shave

-(don't laugh) protein powder --> will save me a bunch of time in the morning and it is SO expensive here

-Light rain jacket (CTR)?

-Shower Brush

- Recipe for twice baked potatoes (Stir fry idea = awesome i love veggies)

-Garment tops (5-10)

-Explain to me how to ask for a haircut to keep my bangs... i miss them

Amo Vocês!

-Elder Grondel

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  1. Bryson: 2NE 4:16-35. What I love about this is that when I consider how great a prophet Nephi was and how many incredible things happened to him in his life, he lets us see that he still had things that he struggled with. He still felt inadequate in certain areas. I cant tell you how many times this passage has helped me so far in my life.
    Wear out your knees!