Monday, February 13, 2012

Feb 6, 2012


Esta semana foi ótimo! Ensinamos muitas lições e encontramos novos pesquisadores. Estou entendendo muito mais e posso falar bem melhor que semanas atras... I don't really know what happened but the day that I started working with Elder Noel I could understand better. My knowledge of the language is growing like crazy and having an American companion means that someone can actually explain it to me haha. We have a lot of fun during the day and I think that is helping us keep the spirit. We have set a goal to teach people, not lessons. We are really trying to help people here. This is our purpose. Domingo we had a family come to church for the first time and they LOVED it. We followed up later that day and they said that they really liked the feeling of one big family. They felt different there... I can testify to that. This church has something that no other church has- A fulness of the Gospel. The priesthood power was restored and I am learning each day what that means. The members here are amazing. We had a family night last week and picked up 2 new investigators not because we taught, but because the members shared their testimonies during the lesson. And THEY taught! We had a family night message yesterday with another family (the lídere dos Élders he looks like steve fine haha) and the lesson was solid. But it was lacking something. The lady Jurací that we brought was saying that at times in her life she hasn't believed in God because of trials and before I could open my scriptures to look for a verse the Irmã Vania bore a testimony of Christ. Then Irmão Sandro bore his testimony of his conversion and how the Gospel truly blesses our lives. That was one of THE best lessons we have taught because we didn't teach it. The spirit did. By grace we are saved after ALL that we can do. I know that is true because i have seen it momma, i have seen it dad.
Jurací read 1/2 of the book of Mormon! she said she stayed up until 3am reading! We are being blessed with opportunities and I know this work is true. As tired as we get, after a lesson or a few contacts I have enough energy to get to the next appointment. It isn't always a ton, but it is always enough. I love you guys so much and hope everyone is having success in whatever they are doing.

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