Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2, 2012

Feliz ano novo!
So I finally understand why they stress loving your companion so much. You see, there are only 2 things that i don´t like about Brazil- the way they whistle, and how much they party haha. I am working really hard during personal study, comp study, language, planning sessions, to really learn the Gospel. I finished matthew and Mark so today I started luke and i just got done w the first two chapters. I really love the new testament and as I have been reading i have been thinking about how i can be more like the Savior. Also, I think it´s interesting to remember that EVEN Christ did not come into this world with a fulness of knowledge or a perfect knowledge of all things. He had to learn and grow just like we did. He didn´t have it all, but he had the desire to learn and to build the kingdom.
In my recording you can hear a lil more about this week, but we really turned it up. We talked about using time more effectively and I have been a lot more vocal about ideas for teaching and making contacts.
I feel the best when we are out of the apartment talking to the people or teaching lessons and oh my goodness... the food is so good. Now, that I am over the bashful hump, I eat SO much at the members houses haha. They always say: Come mais Elder precisa força para trabalhar...--> eat more elder, you need strength to work. So I am happy to oblige them =]... i think i spelled that wrong.
The language is getting better and we put together a study plan to help both of us learn the other´s language. It´s funny to think, but back home you couldn´t get me to shutup and here  they have a hard time getting me to talk. I am understanding more and able to contribute to some conversations, but the accents and speed make it so hard for me to understand sometimes. Most of them are patient with me, but if i don´t know a word it makes it hard to explain haha. The families in the branch are great. I am learning to love these people Mama.  You and Dad were amazing teachers for me. You taught me so much about the Gospel and how to be a great missionary without me even knowing it.Each day to start comp study we share what we learned during personal study and my companion has been sharing things that I have known for years... and he is so excited about them! I took for granted the level of knowledge you guys taught me and now I would like to thank you... again haha. I love you guys.
It has been raining elephants and hippos here! The rain beats you up and the wind just destroys the umbrellas. Mine has already broken and this week i had to use both pairs of shoes because they got so wet. our investigators have not kept commitments, but on Sunday a couple we just started teaching came! and then a less active couple came! Oh my i could not get the smile off of my face haha. The church is true.
5 funny things i have noticed about brazil:
1- they like to party... a lot. fireworks at all hours, music until 3 and 4 am, and they start drinking around 9-10 am.
2- everyone has a dog or 3, but they don´t always chain them up so there are packs of dogs that roam the streets haha
3- they don´t like to wear a lot of clothing... no matter their age or shape...
4- They drive crazy, but SO WELL. The worst driver here would prolly be better than most people in the US. And they can all parallel park...
5- The bugs are so tough here. and SO fast. All the bugs have like a turbo setting- flys, ants, cockroaches (disgusting).
Eu amo vocês!
-Elder Grondel

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