Thursday, November 24, 2011

October 25, 2011

Hey Family! I did not have a chance to get on my email until just now. Tuesday is our P-day and seriously... it is like christmas. We get christmas every single week. I wear my sweat pants for as long as I can. I finally got letters from my friends back home so that was AWESOME :D I love hearing from everyone, and even though it takes forever to reply and say all that I want to say, it is so worth it to seal a letter and stick it in the mail. Yes I am getting the Dear Elders! I love them! On sunday elder atoa was released from his position as the district leader and i was called to serve as the district leader...! It has been so cool getting to know all of these elders in my district. I conducted interviews on sunday afternoon and learned so much about them I never would have known. How amazing is it that I have been blessed with the opportunity to comfort people? I feel so inadequate at times, but the Lord truly is my strength. Philipians 4:13 is my motto now. I can do ALL things. Half the district is going to Salvador south and the other half is with me.
The language is always something that needs work. I am starting to get more comfortable and i told you before that spanish helps, but after the first 2 weeks it is all about portuguese. So I am working really hard during language study to learn words and phrases and conjugations... It makes teaching hard because there is just SO much I want to say and I don't always know how to say it. So sometimes my portuguese prayers are a little funny: i didn't know how to say "get up" so I said: "Please help me to go to the bathroom this morning..." I thought that was odd so i added "to prepare for today."
Any chance you could send me some bread??? -YES i do miss it... are you happy??
I love hearing about all the things that are going on with everyone! I am so proud of all of you! Especially alexis for finally getting up and going to school... like everyone else. About time! The night before Elder Atoa and Elder Bell left we recorded a rap where A plays the ukeleilei and Bell is beat boxing... it's pretty fun and awesome. When I get the email from A I'll pass it along to you guys =] Caleb- learn how to play far away by chris richardson and Tyga. That song is dynamite haha. I'm so proud of you brady. I brag about you to my friends and tell them my bro is going to play ball at the Y after his mission.

Eu amo voces muito! A igreja e verdadeiro!
-Elder Grondel

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