Thursday, November 24, 2011

November 15, 2011

I love that section in Mosiah! I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon. It is so amazing! During my personal study I find so many answers to the problems that i am going through, or helpful advice for my life or the life on my investigators. They are both scheduled to be ''baptized'' this Saturday and we had the most amazing experience in class: Our professor Irmao Perry had us imagine someone in our lives that we love. Someone that doesn't have the gospel. And how we would want the missionaries to prepare to teach that person. How would WE want the missionaries to talk to them. The lesson was on following up on commitments- For the class period it was following up on when someone hadn't read the book of mormon. Elder Wise and I chose names from our lives and while one of us played the part of the investigator, the other one was a missionary. I was his older brother Josh who is currently inactive and I had him be Tony... Momma I felt the spirit so strongly as I expressed my disappointment. And as I shared my testimony of the book of mormon with him, the importance of it in my life... I could really feel The Savior pleading with my cousin to come unto Christ. To receive the restored gospel.
We are so blessed to be in this gospel. I am so blessed to be a part of this work.
Summary of this week:
1. I love going to the temple! we did endowment sessions the first 3 weeks and the last 2 weeks we have done initiatories. I love the spirit you can feel and the reminder of the promises we receive in the temple during initiatories.
2. One more Elder received his visa and headed off to Brazil
3. Elder Wise and I have taken some cute companionship photos that I will be sending to you fairly soon.
4. We are getting workouts in every day that we can and it is so nice to get a good sweat... because we sweat a lot throughout the day on accident haha.
5. I had to deal with some issues in one of our companionships because one elder was not being receptive to the ideas of the other elder. Elder C said: ''I know this sound bad, but my ideas are better...'' yeah we had a good talk on how both parties could improve and how to establish some personal goals for each of them. A neat experience to apply the leadership training I have received.
6. Sister Emily Kohler is here! haha. we have roughly the same schedule so i actually see her a lot haha

-Remember that I love you!

-Elder Grondel

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