Monday, March 4, 2013

February 18, 2013

One word- impressed,

Our family is changing for the better and progressing! That is what the gospel is all about! If i have learned one thing on the mission it is that we must always change and improve. We taught a lady yesterday who, rather sarcastically, asked me: "Do you really think that we need this book of mormon? isn't the bible enough? For me i am satisfied with the bible." ... Do we 'need' the book of mormon? what a funny question. I responded that it is not a question of need, but want. I WANT more words from my father. Imagine if Dad raised me until i turned 18, wrote me a big long letter, and said "well bryce, i love you so much that i wrote this letter for you. so when you need me you can read this letter and you will find the answers you need. i won't write more, i won't talk to you, but you'll know what to do. Good luck!" haha. God is MY heavenly father. He wants me to be happy and successful.

Our lesson on Sunday was about the spirit and following the promptings of the spirit. We are studying the life of lorenzo snow and i really am liking the manual this year. I liked the story of the two friends that saved his life by performing CPR in the 1860's... almost 100 years before CPR was developed by doctors and adopted by the medical community... Interesting huh? The Spirit teaches, reminds, and He guides.

I will be giving a training in our district meeting tomorrow about the importance of asking questions and i remembered a tuesday tip that dad sent me a little while ago. we have to ask brave questions that go beyond the surface. I am so greatful for you guys going above and beyond with quotes, scriptures, pictures... you guys don't have to send extra stuff but you do! i love you so much and hope that i can do the same for my investigators. Pray for Fabíola (Fa-bew-la) and Higor (Ee-gor) they will be baptized on Saturday! :)

The church is true!!!

Amo vocês,

-Élder Grondel jr.

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