Monday, January 21, 2013

Dec. 17, 2012

wow you guys are so diabolical. Though i am impressed that you have developed the gift of discernment so well. that is absolutely what he would say if he sent me an email. write down the the linguagem. So crazy story... i was on the bus. just minding my own business and read james when all of a sudden i started hearing english... i looked to my write and this young girl was on the phone speaking english. what?? so i asked:
do you speak english?


are you american?


... how do you speak english? hahah

So angela (her name) is 26, she was born in paraguay, her dad is american-brazilian (didn't fully understantd) , and her mom is from uruguay and speaks portuguese. She spoke all three perfectly. we started talking and for the first time, i taugh the restoration in english and it was really... really... hard. also she had some tough questions, but she was really smart and very mature when it came to religion. she had grown up traveling and doing missionary work with her parents so she could relate a little bit to what we do. but it was in this moment that i was able to say- "what we have, and what the restored church of jesus christ has is more. you have the bible? we have the book of mormon and a living prophet." It was hard, but it was very to sit and talk with her. i realized that i have changed a lot. that i truly have a testimony. its weird to speak english. Portuguese is the language of my testimony so when i teach or talk about the gospel in english, it's like a confirmation of what i have been saying. it's neat to see how i have changed and what i can be when i return home. missionary work can never stop. we have to be preaching and teaching our entire lives.

THanks zac for everything that you do brother. you really are a boss bro. word!

I love you guys and will send you more info about christmas when i can. you don't need to send me shoes because my comp gave me a brand new pair! i liked him a lot. i am writing from itajaí! My new area. i got here today actually so i am very excited. i am close to the island and i am close to the ocean again. To say the least i am happy.


thank you for everything you guys. you don't know how much you helped me during all these trying times. you guys are the best.

amo vocês,

-Élder Grondel jr.

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