Monday, January 21, 2013

December 31,2012

Oi family!

Hey so interesting stuff has happened recently...i have been praying for like the last idk... 2 years for the lord to put me with brazillians, but each time, i realize why the lord put me with my companion. so much to learn, observe, and experience. i hope you guys are learning from mom and dad and your brothers and sisters. we have so much to gain from others.

my comp and i are both willing to work and he is a stud. he is from spokane too, so we are repping washington. yeah buddy. he is always happy... and he just believes. it's incredible. it would be annoying if it wasn't so inspiring haha. he is an example to me in humility and faith. i feel like my whole mission i have hoped or wished and he is teaching me how to believe and how to trust. we have the coolest, and i repeat, the coolest ward here. they are all excited about missionary work and we have some great families that bend over backwards to help out the missionaries. i love the gospel. it really can change people if you let it.

I still don't believe that missions end. i also don't believe that i will ever get married. new years resolutions...

-do exercises daily

-smile more

-love people more (or at least like them...a little)

-comer cuz cuz da molesta!

-write in my jornal

-write my family weekly (letters not just email)

I got the package! ... the day after christmas lol. thank you so much! i loved it all. even those sick candy canes that broke, melted, and stuck to everything else in the box haha. the peanut butter almost made me cry. reeses? oh and butterfingers... i forgot the taste! thanks so much for the football! we threw it around on new years eve :) it is good to throw a football again haha.

i love you guys so much. thanks for everything. be righteous and be your best. the church is true!

-Élder Grondel jr.

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