Monday, January 21, 2013

January 21,2013

Hey family,

I left my recorder at home so i will send you a recording next week, but i wanted to tell you guys about some really neat experiences this week. We are teaching a lady, stela, who is dating a member. He lives in the USA, but she will be moving there in march. they met when he came back to visit his parents and she is interested in the church, but this fool talked about some deep doctrine with her and created some serious doubts. At the end of a visit she expressed one to us about the sealing of a family. she didn't understand how you could be sealed in the temple for time and all eternity and then give up on that. how divorce would have power over that. We spent the week thinking about her and how to help. we planned the lesson, did some practices, feedback, and finally, the hour of the lesson arrived. we were nervous, but ready and guys... it was amazing, she asked the questions we had practiced and we were able to respond perfectly to her questions as we taught the plan of salvation. We teach her at the church and the member who we invited couldn't make it, but a member showed up after about 10 minutes. The spirit was strong and during the lesson this member bore her testimony of the gospel. Even better though, this member that showed up randomly? converted from the catholic church (stela was raised in the catholic church too...). The Lord is amazing.
We had another lesson with an awesome couple. José and Marisa. They understood the lesson and the spirit there was so sweet. I really love missionary work and at that house i was reminded why i do what i do. At the end of the lesson i was brought to tears as i invited them to church. José said the closing prayer and he really spoke with Heavenly Father. We all felt the spirit as josé opened up his heart and asked the lord to bless his family. through tears, he ended that sweet prayer. Truly humble and true to his word, he went to church and he really enjoyed it. He already made some friends too!
One more experience was with a companionship. They have not been getting along and it got to the point that one asked to transfer the other and one said he wanted to go home... what?! we were on a division when we discoverd this (me and my comp). we talked to the élders and i was amazed with the way we were able to handle the situation. I don't think i would have been so calm, mature, and unbiased before the mission. we sat down with the elders on the division and we were able to hear the two sides, counsel the two sides, and leave them better than we found them. We left them with a goal to start over. I have never felt the Lord guiding me like this before. I love it.

amo vocês,

-Élder Grondel

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