Monday, November 12, 2012

October 29, 2012

Oi meus queridos e preferidos,

This week we decided we were going to take our work to a new level. 100 street contacts. yes, this isn't the door to door on a road, this is stop someone, talk, and contact. I felt a lot of pressure to reach our goal during the week. we had fasted that the lord would soften the hearts of the people here, so we knew that we had to do our part as well. I am pleased to say that we made 109 street contacts! On sunday though, it was like this- we had 81 contacts and i was in sacrament meeting. one of the speakers asked us all to think about something that we want, right now... i thought "to find and teach someone to help him/her be baptized." then i thought... why? why do i want to make 100 contacts? why do i want a bunch of lessons? baptisms?... for president? to tell people about how many people i baptized on my mission? or because i love my savior and my heavenly father so much that i will strive to their work? ... i had to look in the mirror and give myself a gut check with that question- Why? De verdade Élder?

we were watching the best two years and the elder slacker that became good was talking about numbers and how they aren't as important as something else. he said- "it's all about the work" Maybe it's not baptisms, maybe it's reactivation or helping the ward. We have to be about doing good all the time. I am learning daily. I have a notebook i carry with me of revelation i receive during the day. it is so neat to look back and see how the Lord has taught me and responded to my questions. i love the book of mormon. i really do! haha. :D

Good week, our zone got a bunch of baptisms this month so we are very happy. The assistants that came taught us that we need to be worried about the success of our zone and not so much our area. "if you take care of the zone, the Lord will take care of your area." I have always been bad with rejoicing in others successes. i remember when rand went cold the year i went to state and how that affected our friendship, but i have done the same thing. maybe not verbally, but in my mind i have had a battle going on. My pride is a monster that threatens to destroy everything that i do. My pride makes me scared, angry, unmotivated, greedy, thoughtless, and worst of all- selfish. this work cannot be about me. When i find joy in the success of others, the Lord will find joy in my successes for Him.



-Élder Grondel jr.

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