Monday, November 12, 2012

November 12, 2012

Gente do céu!

This week was very interesting. Our house emptied and filled with all new elders... and actually the entire zone haha. only 4 elderes stayed and 6 elders arrived. The other companionship here got white washed so they passed a pretty rough week, but they are good elders and have energy to do the work. My comp is a super star. Super humble and he inspires me to open my mind more to possibilities. His faith is outstanding and he is basically Elder Martin all over again. So i feel like as i respect and serve him, i am also making up for how i treated elder martin. This week we lost a day because of the zone counsel, but we still had outstanding numbers and we found some really special less active families that are part members. We had a really neat experience on sunday with a brother from floripa. He lives there but came to videira to give a training. Also, he spoke in sacrament meeting about how grateful he is that he had enough courage to read and pray about the book of mormon and after, enough courage to be baptized, go on a mission, and be sealed with his wife in the temple. it was exactly what our investigator needed to hear.

After the meeting i thanked him personally and he pulled us aside to talk for about 15 minutes. Dad, mom... the Lord inspires people to pass along his words. I have been praying for weeks and yesterday this brother answered my questions, doubts, and gave me new ideas for the work. Coupled with the desire of my companion... I really feel unstoppable. The Brother said: "Your nametag has two names and that means you are never alone. You never stand alone or testify alone. there are many callings in the church that bring us close to Christ but not one will bring us closer than the calling of an Elder. When an apostle receives his calling we don't call him aposlte (blank) we call him Élder..." He bore his testimony to us and I knew that he knew i had been waiting for these answers. It was amazing.
I love you guys and i miss hearing from everyone.
It was 33 degrees celcius yesterday and it's only going to get better as the year rolls on. QUE bênção e maravilha! I am with an american comp but as always, we don't speak english and we don't plan to. We are very excited for this transfer and everything is looking up :)
Amo muito vocês!
-Élder Grondel jr.

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