Monday, November 12, 2012

November 5,2012

Hey so i don't know if i already told you that i love you guys...

But i do. I love all of you. This week was really tough, because we had an emergency transfer... my comp and another elder in our house got transferred. So me and Élder Alcântara worked together this week and we had to cover the whole city. So it was pretty intense. But we had a good week and got some serious work done. Unfortunately, as with all of the transfers and all my comps, i didn't realize how much i liked them until they were leaving. Elder Banner is now one of the assistants and the other, Elder Hillstead, is now a zone leader. I think these were two successes in the zone. also, another elder is now training, and the best part, Elder Mollenhauer went home, but baptized a family on his last saturday and then confirmed them all on sunday. That is a victory for all of us.

Also, we had a cool esperience. One companionship was not making a lot of contacts so i felt inspired to call and challenge them- 10 contacts today... but something strange happened. they accepted the challenge and i promised them if they made 10 they would find someone prepared to hear our message. And you know what? They found one and he is preparing for baptism... Dad, i have that same thought - "why didn't i think of that?!" but in the end we are all winners. We are a team and we will be blessed as a team. WE NOT ME! It was very special to know that the Lord inspires us and guides us. The church is true. It is so truy :)

Love you all,

-Élder Grondel jr.

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