Monday, August 20, 2012

Aug. 20, 2012

Hey dad,
Just so you know i have been studying in mosiah 14-18 these last couple weeks and i have found a lot of similarities between the mission of alma and me. It was so cool to read and apply what happened there- alma says he only taught those who accepted him and they were MANY! this is proof that people are prepared to hear our message and there are a LOT of them who are just waiting. But he doesn't stop there, he talks about what the people did to pursue his teachings and seek more! they went into a jungle infested with wild beasts to hear his words. and i love how simply he teaches he says that he taught faith in christ, repentance, and the plan of salvation (redemption). People don't need to know everything to gain a testimony and be baptized. but they do need to be hungry and willing to learn more.
Dad, i just got called as zone leader and i need a lot of help. The assistants came and will be working with us until next sunday, but i know you got called early, so maybe you could send me so ideas of how to help, train, and inspire the elders. also, how to raise the standard for them and push them. I need to love, but president expects a lot and im sure the seventy who calls for the numbers of the mission isn't happy go lucky with president fernandes.
I am in a city called videira and i am working with Elder Banner- american- and he is LANDON if he was into musical theatre instead of guns. Same voice, hand gestures, jokes, it is awesome and i love it!
I love you dad and i am so glad that you have so many opportunities to teach. You deserve it! You have worked so hard and it is a great example for me to be able to see the cumulation of all the sacrifices and hard work.
Thanks dad! I love you,
-Elder Grondel jr.

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