Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Aug. 6 2012

Dearest family, how i loveth thee!

So i learned once again that mom and dad are always right. about everything (you will understand in the recording...)
I went on division with elder atoa a couple weeks and ago and we were talking about what we would do if we could go back in time 2-3 years... we both agreed that we would punch me in the face and if that didn't knock some sense into me, we would have to repeat the action. Gosh! you learn so stinkin much to late haha. i sent an email to president saying- "i don't feel good enough president." he responded- "Elder, the day you feel qualified to be a missionary in all the facets of the work, you will be getting on a plane and going home. the same happens with bishops, stake pres, and mission presidents." This all goes back to what my MTC professor (Shout out to my boi Jare bear) Irmão Perry said: "Throughout your missions the Lord is going to bend you and mold you. A little bit here and a little there, but he is never going to stop." He went on to explain that the last 3 months of his mission were the most difficult.
oh, are you guys watching the olympics?! we got to lunch and a family had the olympics on =/ i always loved watching the olympics as a family. i remember we always, ALWAYS watched gymnastics together in the summer and ice skating/hockey in the winter. It's funny what we take for granted. And even funnier the things that stick :)
-This week when we were teaching the restauration at mari luci and jose's, mari luci explained how the gospel has made her more patient, how her faith in christ has grown, and it was so neat to see someone that has truly been converted to the gospel. She can't read very well, but she wants to so bad. When we extended the invite to read to her friend andre, she added her testimony. "Andre you are a really great person and you deserve this. if you don't read... you don't know what you are missing." (ELDER PERRY- i will come back in 2-15 years and see her and jose in the temple!)
-So when an investigator takes a liking for an Elder or elders we give her the name: SNAKEY! and we got our first one this week. usely a snakey is 5-10 years old and adorable... but our snakey is 20 and assustadora! puxa vida família! haha. we marked to do a visit with the family, but when we got there we realized that she had a totally different view of our visit. Mom was cool, bro was sleeping, and snakey was getting ready for prom! Seriously! She was finishing her hair in a dress and heels with all the makeup. Elder Alison asked: "are you going out?" hahaha. she responded: "no... why?" hahaha. Luckily we brought the ward missionaries with us so the environment wasn't weird. Mom got an answer, but snakey, oh silly snakey, wasn't as interested in the message as she was in the messengers. yeah.
We went to a less active members house and made candy bars! he taught us how to do everything and oh my gosh they are soooo good! So now i don't need school. WILLY WONKA! :P

Eu amo vocês!
-Elder Grondel

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