Monday, September 17, 2012

Sept. 9, 2012

We had an amazing week as companions and as a zone... in reality, as a mission. We had zone counsel with president and it was amazing. We learned a ton and i am still amazed with how much i am learning everyday here on the mission. I cleaned the bathroom today and as i was cleaning i thought of a cool quote i heard about christ's atonement: "You don't understand the strength of the wind by laying down, but by standing on two feet and walking against it." Christ understands best our trials because he NEVER bowed to them, so yes... better than anyone he knows. As i cleaned the bathroom i thought: "You don't understand how dirty the bathroom is by looking at it (or smelling it...) but when you grab a sponge, a rag, and a mop and clean it on your hands and knees." I thought a little about how King Benjamin worked 'with his people' instead of making them work for him. I need to work more with the Elders to help them out. We had our first zone conference and i was nervous right up until we started... the second we started- butterflies left. Um... what!? We left a really solid training with the Elders and one came up to me after and said: "Usually we have zone conference just to have it, but today was diferent. Thanks Elder Grondel, thanks Elder Banner. we really needed that." How neat? I am so greatful for this opportunity i have to serve and learn to fight pride. This week was hard. I gave into my pride. I dominated the lessons, didn't trust my companion and it really affected the both of us. We started a 40 day fast of poor behaviors and i put 'confiding in myself instead of the Lord and his servants' as one attitude that must be overcome. yesterday, during a lesson i was praying soooo hard that the Lord would help me. I had the bible in my hands and the Lord said: "i need to talk to you" i had been kind of leafing through for the next verse and when i heard Him i stopped and read the first verse: Psalms 121:1-2. I will leave that for you to read! But the Lord showed me that my companion is my relief and my aid. I cannot do this alone. and if i try to, i will not suceed.
I have learned some neat lessons these past few weeks but one is that the Lord really talks with us if we let Him. So this week, when you guys are doing personal study in the book of mormon (because you all study everyday :) I want you to start with prayer and bring a question to the Lord in that prayer. Ask him something about your life. A frienship, school, a problem. And how you can improve or resolve that. In the session, wherever you are, He WILL! you don't have to study by topic to receive answers. I promise if you do this, you will find a newer and stronger relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Amo muito vocĂȘs!
-Elder Grondel jr.

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