Monday, February 13, 2012

Feb. 13th 2012

Every member is a missionary. This is the truth.
You would be surprised how many people resist love... haha. but i know what you are saying and that is our goal here. to love and teach by the spirit. You don't have to prove the book of mormon because it will prove itself. i am so grateful for your examples and especially the example and drive of my companion. he is a superstar.
Thanks for the insight papa bear. It is always good to be remind: "Satan trembels when he sees the weakest saint upon his knees." I have been really frustrated this week with the language. One day it is solid, i feel good, understand and then 2 or 3 days of feeling lost, confused, useless in lessons. It is hard because elder noel is american, but he gets it so i think it is a bad case of elder envy... Anyways, he gave me some great counsel during our companionship inventory that i am going to apply more to my personal growth and language study aspect. and then on sunday i realized in the church that THIS is the only thing that really mattters. If i can teach with love and the spirit. Answer questions, ask question, and help them see the importance of the gospel in their lives... that is all the português that i really need.
This gospel blesses lives. This week we challenged 2 couples to get married to prepare for baptism. One of the families we also challenged to live the word of wisdom. Valdo likes his café and kelly smokes 2 or 3 cigs a day. So we challenged them to cut those things out and use each other to overcome these addictions. The coolest thing happened! They are going to use up the coffee they have and then they aren't going to buy anymore and kelly is not allowed to buy cigarettes! The spirit in the home has totally changed and it is because of this gospel. I love this work big D.

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