Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 27th 2012

Mom and Dad,
-Jacob, you are absolutely ridiculous haha. Check yourself before you wreck yourself okay?
-Lexi, put a smile on or i will... be really, not very... wanna go ride bikes?
- Brady, read the book of mormon because you will get out here and an investigator will reveal some doubt they have--> You'll think "i can share a scripture about faith"... but if you don't know a scripture you will look to your companion, close your eyes, and pray ha. Store up all you can now and hit preach my gospel with mom. Chapter 2- chapter 3- and then chapter one. Practice teaching all the lessons!
This week has been amazing. It was tough because we had almost 5 potential investigators shut the door on us. one family we were really excited about and then another family that really enjoyed the story of the restoration. We showed up to teach the plan of salvation and the book of mormon and pamphlet of the restoration were on a chair outside... the oldest son came out and said: "minha mãe não quer mais de vocês" ... pusha. she didn't even have the decency to talk to us face to face. It just makes me sad. It really does. The gospel is here to help us. The word of wisdom? You can wake up and you don't have to worry about cigarrettes, effects of alcohol, or other addictions! Law of chastity? You can gain control over your thoughts, actions, build stronger relationships, avoid feelings of guilt, and heartache that come from sexual sin. Tithing? You give 10% and the Lord "Abri as janelas de céu" What has the Lord asked us to do that we don't actually like doing? Really think about this question. Prepare a lesson? Talk? Go to an activity? How many times did you get to the end and realize how greatful you were?
I love the change in perspective I am learning. I feel like I am maturing out here little by little. I am noticing the things I want to change and I am still a goof ball haha. Making ridiculous faces, secret handshakes w/ kids in the ward, laughing with members, pretending to play golf while waiting for the bus... i have a really cool umberella. Oh and now i sing while we walk... kind of like olivia cause it's about what we are doing or about to teach hahaha. We are having a lot of fun and we have 2 really special families that are progressing a lot. They need to get married before baptism, so we are working with them, but it takes at least 30 days before the papers finalize so we are praying for a chance to ficar aqui!
I love you guys so much and I can feel the strength i get from your prayers each day. Oh and i was talking w my companion about resumes a few days ago and i decided to make my 5 reasons to wait for Elder Grondel
1- um... have you seen me?
2- I am not expensive, in fact i did home surgery (again) so we avoid medical bills
3- Elder Grondel knows how to flow
4- If you offend me, my ADD is so bad i probably won't notice... or
5- Elder Grondel is adorable, he sleeps with pillow pets and his baby blanket
more to come...
Amo vocês!
-Elder Grondel

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