Monday, October 8, 2012

October 1, 2012

This week we had the transfer and we now have THE smallest zone in the mission. I like it because i know the names of all my elders and now i can give trainings a little more specific to help them. it is actually kind of cool because now i know the names of their investigators and some of the members. WE are starting week 3 of the purification and we aren't speaking english. i feel like the lord is happy with that because it is easier to remember new words and to speak! i have dreams in portuguese every now and then, but in my dreams you guys all speak portuguese too! what the heck? and you all speak better than me. but it is all good.

This last week 27 elders went home and we only received 9 new elders because of visa problems. so president closed 9 areas. 9! my comp elder martin went home, my "gpa" went home, and one of my very good friends (who plays d-line at SUU!) went home. I miss them but it opened my eyes... will i be THAT elder for someone else? will someone look to me like a hero? what kind of impact am i making? what kind of a legacy will i leave?

I thought about you guys a lot this week and prayed for each and every one of you. Especially landon and addi. i know that it isn't always obvious, but i love you guys. i told my comp yesterday- "elder if i could go back in time i wouldn't have friends. i would hang out with my mom, my dad, and my siblings." i am shocked with young men who get married instead of going on a mission. You have no idea what you are missing. You have no idea what you still do not understand and what the lord expects of you. I have learned how to stand on my own two feet in hostile environments knowing the lord would guide me. This growth never would have happened at home. I have learned a ton about my heavely father and i am so grateful for all that he does. He really loves me.

It is so true about criticism! we make these little jokes and it is fine because it is funny! but it isn't. we need to be so careful. we have no idea who or how we can be hurting or offending.

Parabéns para todos vocês! i am so happy to get my email and know that everyone is doing well and having success. i am trying to send pictures and recordings but i have ran into some problems.

... So this week i told the Lord that i wanted to work on Hope. So our baptism fell on thursday in the form of a text. we went to the house, resolved the problem, prayed like crazy, and then... she didn't go to church. I know the Lord tested my faith, but i learned that the Lord will provide. She had some problems in the family and still wants to be baptized. So this month she will. Even though she didn't go, we had a new family there and another family where dad isn't a member... yet!

This week is staying positive and i realized that i complain. It is almost a skill. because i do it really well. haha

pray for me and my companion!

i love you guys

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