Monday, September 24, 2012

September 24th, 2012

I spent a long time rearranging my photo album putting the new pictures next to the old ones... Wow, everyone is changing and growing up. It seems like i wanted to grow up and get away, but now i want to stop and go back! I think about jake and cakers going on missions after i get back and what that will be like. Or what happens when i go to college for realz... so close but still really far. I really love you guys and i hope you know that i miss you. Each and every one of you guys individually. The pictures were and are awesome thank you so much. I know how hard it is to take time out for someone that isn't even there with a million other things going on!
This week was good. We taught a record number of lessons and are preparing a couple people for baptism. I still get frustrated at times with myself, but i am seeing the Lord's hand in my life more and more. This week we had an intense comp. inventory and i am once again convinced that i will not be getting married ever haha. I guess the problem is i critique myself so much that at times i don't even like me... so how will i like anyone else??? The Lord has been helping me overcome this, but charity is not easy. I feel like the Lord has me on a mission to learn humility, charity, and gratitude.
I learn so much about each of these points every day. We are trying to reactivate a family right now, mom less active + dad alcoholic + 17 yr daughter who has a son + 20 yr son who recently left a clinic for alcoholics. It is amazing how i see MY family in other people and this makes the work a lot easier. I hope that we can do our part because the Lord will do His. We did a division this week and i met ANOTHER missionary from seattle haha. This transfer has gone by soooo fast i hardly believe that it has almost been a year. Now i feel like im racing against the clock! Pressure is on!
I love you guys!

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