Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 15, 2012

Teaching the gospel to every creature...

Hey thanks for the training tip! I hope that you guys liked the photos and some of the stories... i cannot believe that we have been apart for a whole year. One year on the mission and now one year and 3 days... it is so crazy to think that all this time is and has passed by. I still feel like i don't know what i am doing at times haha. I find myself at times questionning why the Lord called me to be zone leader. He has a purpose for me and we had a really neat experience on my hump day. We had marked to do a division, bought the tickets, and then... there was an emergency transfer and a new Élder came into the area. To us it didn't make sense to do a division. only the district leader knew the area and the other elder didn't even know how to get home... poor thing. his second day, and 3rd week in the field (he is doing a "mini mission"-3 month mission and after he will go to the mtc and his mission). it wasn't too far from our city so we could have returned to our area. So to us- one companionship would make visits and the other would... make contacts? It made more sense to wait a week, but we felt very strongly that we needed to stay. so we stayed, we worked with them, and in the end the Lord revealed WHY we had to stay. The mini mission elder had asked for the emergency transfer because he had been with an elder who was not working. that day we had attacked the area book and taught them how to work better with members, investigators, and each other. We had a mini training session with them and then left for work. I went with the DL and elder banner with Élder antunes. After the day was over he told elder banner: "I thought missionaries were perfect, i know they aren't, but what i saw in my other area was not missionary work. Thank you so much for everything you guys have done today. Thank you for taking this work seriously." In tears he thanked Élder Banner for the work that was done. I didn't find out until after our division when we were on the bus coming back home. The Lord knows better than we do.

I need help with being patient, because recently i am not. I am picking and choosing when i want to really truly love people ya know? i am more frustrated with myself than others. I feel less than sufficient and i just want to help. But i feel like despite our work, and we are working HARD, we don't have the fruits to show it. This week we are going to have to cut 3 families that we have been teaching. in 3 weeks they haven't been progressing and we when they go to church it is so 1 or 2 of 5 or 6... it is frustrating. i don't know how else to bear testimony and explain how this will bless their lives.

I love you guys a lot and am so glad that the Lord put me into the Grondel family. We are blessed and the athletic side with jake, cake, and levi just goes to show it. Way to go you guys, jake i will be praying for you. Maybe this will be a time for reflection. when my acl tore i learned a lot about god and who my real friends were. What does the lord want you to learn from this? this has to be the focus- what can i gain? not what did i lose?

YOu are perfect i love you... don't change! for anything!


-Élder Grondel jr.

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