Monday, April 9, 2012

April 9, 2012

Hey gang, Pascoá foi muito legal. We have brazilian mommies here so we got a bunch of chocolate. We went to the bishops house before one of our appointments and he gave us some more chocolate... imported from switzerland... yessir. This week was full of revelation. I am keeping a little notebook for the little things that I receive everyday and writing them down. It's so neat to look back and see how much i have been blessed. The part that is difficult for me is that I wanna be able to share this with my investigators and we haven't had a ton of success teaching. But this week everything changed. The training that we received during mission conference completely changed my outlook on the mission, the work, my life! President Fernandes teaches so well and so plainly but with so much power. the goal setting and reinforcement of faith has pushed me to believe! I really am ready to commit to this work. Not that i haven't been. I have just doubted at times or been more concerned with the thoughts of others. "They aren't going to like this..." "They can't understand my accent" "I don't have the vocabulary to teach this principle" ... Doubts and lack of faith. So this week i received much needed counsel from on high.  I have been blessed with a LOT more patience than i had and part of my goals is my attitude. I still have so much work to do... and from you have said it sounds like i haven't made the progress i have been seeking. I love you guys and really appreciate the help with this. Never give up: good--->better-->BEST (rinse and repeat)
Amo vocês!

-Elder Grondel

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