Monday, March 19, 2012

March 5th 2012

Oí tudo bem!?

Okay, so this was a good week. We had a zone conference that went really well and i finally got that package you sent. I was shocked to see the cost of shipping =/ But the protein has been so great for energy in the morning and feeling like im replacing those calories. the pasta was excellent and we made chicken alfredo with it the other day. It was excellent =] We do have pasta here in all the super mercados so don't feel like you have to send that in the mail for you man (cause im 20...) to get those much needed carbs.

Thank you so much for the prayers i really needed them this week. Elder Noel and i had a tough discussion and i thought our friendship had been wrecked, but we talked it out and i really learned a lot about communication this week. If he hadn't come to me to talk about it i would be living this area really bummed.
I am amazed that i am 20 cause it doesn't feel any different, but im sure with time it will sink in. thanks for the note about how i used to be quiet. very funny mommy :P

Thank you for what you said about faith, that is so true. Faith is sticking with it and enduring to the end to receive the blessing =]

Anyways, i love you guys so much. These 20 years have been amazing and i cannot wait to see where we go from here =]

Amo vocês,

-Elder Grondel

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