Monday, March 19, 2012

March 12th 2012

Momma I love you and that is the best news i have heard in a long time. I am writing form my second area and celebrating my 5 month anniversary as a missionary. I am with my 3rd companion- Elder Martin and things are going well. I make pancakes every day now and he doesn't know how to cook, at all, so i do a lot more of that. He is a great example to me in humility and i think i know why the Lord has us working together... he is an optomist! haha. This area is B-E-A-UTIFUL! I forget that im not on vacation here sometimes. We have the beach real close and we have mountains too! It's like Utah and the cruise at the same time lol. WE have an amazing ward here and a handful of people we are teaching. Oh! Plus, we have a chapel! I never realized how much i love the chapel/ capela! NOSSA! Elder Martin and I are only speaking in Português and it is already helping my abilities in the language. My accent is pretty good i guess... because people ask me what part of brazil i am from, dont believe im from the US, or think that i am mexican =[ (sorry landon). I love this city though.
5 more reasons to wait for Elder Grondel...
-Elder Grondel cleans... like a BOSS
-Elder Grondel make THE BEST pancakes
-Elder Grondel walks his butt ON everyday
-Sol de Brazil = Darkness
-Elder Grondel does laundry. His own laundry. By hand.
Any questions?
Amo vocês!
-Elder Grondel

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